BioPrint is coach Charles R. Poliquin’s latest innovation in improving body composition rapidly, effectively and safely.

    The advanced features offered by BioPrint include:

    The ability to integrate lower body fat scores into a valid formula that accurately measures overall body fat. This is the FIRST and ONLY software to do this in the industry. New and improved protocols. Two new sites which identify the cause of fat gain more accurately. A new measure of the efficiency of one’s androgen physiology.
    A non-invasive measure of inflammation levels in the body.
    An algorithmic formula that allows the practitioner to identify the system most responsible for fat gain. BioPrint offers new developments and advantages that build on everything Coach Poliquin has been teaching to lead you to understand how fat gain results from mismanagement of one of these systems:

    – Insulin

    – Stress-Sleep

    – Detoxification

    – Inflammation

    – Androgen.